Do Insurance Companies Care About the Average Person?

Working with insurance providers is never a good time. They’ll do everything they can to get out of paying. This is because they wouldn’t turn a profit if they paid out every claimed case. Insurance providers have to work like this in order to turn a profit.

This is what can make filing an insurance claim in Deerfield Beach, FL a huge mess. These companies have dozens of lawyers standing by ready to help them fight your claim, continue to take your money, and never pay out. That’s why it’s equally as important to hire your own lawyer.

Facing an Injury at Work

Workplace injuries are even worse. Not only will you be fighting with your insurance provider and all their lawyers, but you’ll also have your employer’s lawyers to worry about.

Work injuries are a difficult time for anyone. You’ll be out of work, pulling in less cash than you’re used to, and struggling to get your workers’ compensation and insurance payout.

Despite being strapped for cash, you need to hire a lawyer, or you might never see your payout at all. You don’t have to choose between workers’ compensation and a personal injury lawsuit, either. It’s entirely possible to get both, but you’ll need a professional on your side.

Many workplaces wrongly believe that by paying into workers’ compensation they are immune to personal injury lawsuits. This simply isn’t true. Your own personal insurance and your workplace’s insurance will do everything they can to stop paying you. These companies conduct their own investigations in an attempt to not payout because they are a business and not a charitable organization. Their primary goal is to make money and not helping people.

When to Contact a Lawyer About an Insurance Claim

It’s true that some insurance claims go through without a hitch. This is because companies can’t find a reasonable path to get out of payment.

It’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as there is a dispute about the payout amount. Insurance may not be willing to pay for all your hospital bills, or they may try to get out of paying out altogether.

Insurance providers will also give you trouble over exceptionally large claims. You’ll want to contact a lawyer immediately if your claim is going to be over six figures. For a claim this large, insurance providers will start an immediate investigation. Their private investigators and lawyers will do everything possible to make sure you claim is legitimate. They may even find some small minute detail that they’ll use to prevent you from receiving a payout.

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