Who Is Liable in a Rear-End Accident?

Sometimes, who is responsible for a vehicle accident is self-explanatory such as when someone sideswiped another car because they ran a red light. On the other hand, the responsibility isn’t always clear in a rear-end accident.


What Is Liability

Liability is assigned to a driver who is deemed legally responsible for injuries or property damage in an auto accident. It’s what an accident lawyer Boca Raton looks at when they take on a client. It’s their responsibility to determine if the driver or the other party is at fault.


Who Is The Liable Party?

The liability can be with either party. The driver that crashes into the rear of another car could be distracted. However, they may have had to hit the other car to avoid an out-of-control semi truck or another collision. Conversely, the other driver could be responsible if they stopped without warning or didn’t properly signal a turn.


How Is Responsibility Determined?

An injury claims Boca Raton attorney looks at a few pieces of information to determine the party at fault. The police reports are an example. They go through each one and determine if their stories match or if there are discrepancies.


If the collision occurred in an area with cameras, then the injury claims Boca Raton lawyer examines the video. The footage could give a clear sign of the liable party. If not, the attorney looks at witness accounts to get a clearer picture.


What If a Driver Doesn’t Accept Responsibility?

It’s best to connect with an accident lawyer in Boca Raton if a driver or their insurance company doesn’t accept responsibility for the collision. You probably won’t get the compensation to take care of injuries or repairs if you personally take on the other party. Most likely, you’ll get a run-around by all parties.


A car accident lawyer in Boca Raton has the subject matter expertise to resolve your issues. They do the best work possible to prove the other party is responsible. In some situations, they obtain a settlement for injuries and damages that’s more than what the liable party was willing to pay.


To get the right amount for the rear-end accident, the car accident lawyer in Boca Raton works with the other party through an arbitration process. If they can’t resolve the issues through this process, then your accident lawyer is ready to take the issue to trial. If this should be the case, they’ll prepare you for court procedures and the possible outcomes.


Don’t take the responsibility for a rear-end accident if you know it wasn’t your fault. Work with attorneys who know what to do to resolve your issues. If you have been in a recent accident and need help, then contact one of our representatives at Bernstein|Polsky. They’ll speak with you about the situation to determine the next steps.