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Bad Faith First Party Claim: A Brief Guide

Bad faith claims are used when the insurance company takes an unfair and inapplicable approach to handle a claim. They get done to lessen costs as well as receive compensation for damages that got never incurred.

If you suspect that someone has committed a bad faith first party claim, this is when you will want to seek bad faith insurance lawyers to assist you in bringing the matter before the court. Discover the Florida insurance bad faith first party claim.

Insurers Don’t Do a Proper Investigation

In Florida, you have the right to have an independent investigation done on your claim. When an insurance company does not perform a proper investigation into your claim and based on those findings, does not properly handle your claims, those acts may constitute bad faith first-party claim. The type of Florida insurance bad faith first party claim may lead to litigation between the parties.

Insurance Company Wrongfully Denies Claim

Insurance companies in Florida are bound to the terms of the policy they sell you when they sell you a homeowners insurance policy. However, if the insurance company denies or delays payment of your claim, this may constitute an act of bad faith.

Undervaluing or Over-Valuing Your Claim

Insurance companies can act in bad faith by underestimating or overestimating the amount to repair your damaged belongings. It may lead to disputes between the parties, resulting in the policyholder filing an insurance bad faith claim. Occasionally, the insurance company will not file a claim, or they will still deny a claim that got already filed by the policyholder.

Insurance Company Refusal to Pay Claim

Insurance companies must always make good faith efforts to pay out your claims and cannot refuse or delay paying your claim when you might be able to sue them in court for bad faith first-party claim. Insurance companies also cannot charge for filing a bad insurance faith first-party claim which may lead to litigation.

Unreasonable Delay

Insurance companies may take too much time to investigate your claim, and their delay tactics might amount to insurance’s bad faith first-party claim. It goes without saying that the longer it takes for the insurance company to investigate your claim, the greater the chance you have of losing evidence or witnesses who could testify on your behalf.

Lack of Proper Procedure

A lack of proper procedure by an insurance company in filing and compensating a valid accident claim may amount to bad faith first-party claims. These are procedures that must follow in filing a claim and taking care of a valid first-party claim, and if the insurance company does not follow these procedures, you may have grounds for bad faith claims.

The ways insurance companies can commit bad faith first-party claims are numerous. You can contact bad faith insurance lawyers for assistance gathering evidence and filing a bad faith first party claim. To look for personal injury lawyer in Boca Raton, FL, you may contact Bernstein | Polsky. We are a law firm with a personal injury lawyer in Boca Raton, FL.