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Premises liability laws are set up to protect public and private properties; and to guarantee that property managers, home owners, organizations, and government corporations ensure the security of guests — welcomed or otherwise — during all times. Under these laws, property proprietors and directors are legally bound to address potential risks, square unapproved section, or post a notice sign for guests as warnings where required. Our Premises Liability Lawyers at Bernstein | Polsky are here to help you get the compensation you deserve, if you have sustained any injuries in a property due to the negligence of others, call us and we will help.

If this is you, or your loved one that has been injured due to perilous conditions (of any sort) on another person’s property, you may qualify for reimbursement or compensation. Money that you may need to make up for any lost wages, to pay for costly medicinal bills, or to pay for the ongoing therapeutic treatment vital to your recovery.

You may get hurt at the workplace, at a government institution or in a commercial area and become eligible for a claim that will provide you the coverage you need. Some common types of premises liability claims include:

  1. Elevator or escalator problems
  2. Animal attacks – dog bites being common among them
  3. Slip and fall accidents
  4. Negligence in security measures around the premises, like not putting up warning signs
  5. Stadium accidents or rid accidents in amusement parks etc.
  6. Exposure to chemicals, toxic fumes and other such gases
  7. Fire related emergencies

You can make the accused party pay for the physical, mental, financial and psychological damage done to you. This can include:

  1. Mental Disturbance
  2. Physical strain
  3. Medical expenses – that may span over a long time
  4. Loss of earning and loss of earning capacities (in certain cases)
  5. Withdrawal from social circles 
  6. Disfigurement

You can make the opposite party compensate for all these losses, but you will require a well-informed Premises Liability Lawyer who will protect and fight for your interests. The time at which you file the lawsuit and how punctual you are in completing the procedures could make or break your case. Our lawyers at Bernstein | Polsky are committed to delivering just, efficient and timely service.

Bernstein | Polsky is a civil law firm with certified, professional and experienced attorneys for your litigation issues. At Bernstein | Polsky, we believe that people, regardless of their socio-economic background deserve to have their rights represented. If you have sustained injuries in a premise due to another’s negligence and demand accountability, call our team today. We have a national client base and strive to represent your family successfully and zealously. Call (954) 997-9947 today to help your loved one get the justice they deserve. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and look forward to the opportunity to represent you.