Medical Malpractice Settlement involving the delay in treatment of necrotizing fasciitis.



Medical Malpractice arbitration award involving the negligent of a patient after seizure.



Jury Verdict for automobile accident victim resulting in spinal surgery.



Medical Malpractice award involving negligent by hospital and physicians in diagnosing and treating stroke patient.



Confidential settlement of claim where a pedestrian was hit by an automobile in residential parking lot resulting in surgical repair of calcaneal fracture.



Confidential settlement of ride-sharing motor vehicle accident for policy limits



Confidential settlement of motor vehicle accident resulting in a cervical fusion for carrier policy limits


Confidential settlement against toy manufacturer and department store after minor plaintiff amputated finger tip.


Policy limits settlement after Plaintiff fractured arm requiring surgical repair after defective ladder collapsed.


Settlement with Fort Lauderdale hotel after Plaintiff tripped over out-of-place furniture in lobby fracturing hip.


Pre-trial settlement with cruise line carrier after Plaintiff slipped and fell on pool deck fracturing knee cap as a result of overflowing drain cavity.


Settlement against individual homeowner after dog bite to minor child.


Confidential medical malpractice settlement against Med-Spa after botched laser treatment.


Pre-trial settlement during jury selection of automobile accident victim who injured neck resulting in surgery.


Settlement for Plaintiff who fractured wrist requiring surgery after slip and fall in chain restaurant.


Policy Limits settlement for severe hand laceration and surgery resulting from dangerous condition on homeowner premises


Policy limits settlement against Plastic Surgeon after botched breast augmentation surgery