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8 Reasons for a Property Insurance Claim Denial

When you file a property insurance claim, you expect to get reimbursed for the damage your property has suffered. However, in some cases, your claim may get denied. There are many reasons why property insurance claims may get denied, but here are eight of the most common reasons:

1. Lack of Documentation

You need to provide evidence supporting your case to prove your claim. This can include receipts, photographs, and witness statements. Without this documentation, it can be difficult to prove that you are entitled to a property insurance settlement.

2. Missed Deadlines

Missing the deadlines for property insurance claims can be a reason for denying the claim. Insurance companies require certain time frames to process and investigate a claim. If you miss these deadlines, the company may determine that you have not met their requirements and, thus, deny your claim.

3. Excluded Perils

Some types of damage are typically excluded from property insurance policies. These exclusions can vary depending on the insurer, but common examples include damage from floods, earthquakes, and nuclear accidents. It is also essential to work with property insurance attorneys in Florida to ensure you understand what gets excluded from your policy.

4. The Damages Were a Result of an Illegal Act or Intentional

If the property insurance company can prove that the damages were a result of an illegal act or intentional act on your part, they may deny your property insurance settlement. This is because property insurance policies do not typically cover these damages. If the insurance company suspects you intentionally caused the damage, the company may investigate the claim further.

5. Missing Information

Property insurance attorneys in Florida can help you gather the necessary information and documents to submit your property insurance claim. They may deny your claim if you do not provide the property insurance company with all the requested information. If you do not submit all the required documents or if you do not answer the insurance company’s questions, they may determine that you are not meeting their requirements and deny your claim. The company needs all the information to process and investigate your claim.

6. Bad Faith Delays

If the property insurance company unreasonably delays processing your claim, they may be acting in bad faith. This means that they are not treating you fairly or honoring the terms of your policy. If you believe the property insurance company is delaying your claim in bad faith, you should contact property insurance attorneys in Florida.

7. Lack of Communication

If the property insurance company does not update you on the status of your claim, it may not be easy to know what is going on with your case. This lack of communication can be frustrating, especially if you are waiting for a property insurance settlement. If the property insurance company is not communicating with you, resolving any issues with your claim may be difficult.

8. Lack of Coverage

It’s important to read your policy carefully to understand what the insurance company does not cover. If unsure, you can always contact your insurance company to ask for clarification.

In conclusion, do not give up if you have suffered a property loss and your insurance company has denied your claim. Some experienced attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Bernstein | Polsky to explore your legal options.