What Are EUO No Shows?

In the insurance world, there’s sometimes a need for a client to testify about their claim. Called an Examination Under Oath (EUO), it determines if someone from Boca Raton, FL or another location has committed fraud. However, this is only if the insured shows up for a hearing.

No Shows

According to BP Injury Law, there are numerous situations where EUO No Shows take place. As a result, the insurer can’t determine a claim’s validity. Thus, they aren’t awarded the proper reimbursement. If the claimant believes the ruling is unjustified, they could seek further legal action.

The Importance of EUO

Needless to say, EUO is important in claim reviews in Boca Raton, FL or other locations across the country. It permits the insurer to cross-examine claimants concerning their proof of loss. From the testimony, they determine the information’s truthfulness.

How It Is Done

A defendant’s EUO is through the authority mentioned in their insurance policy. Normally, this is stated as compulsory if the request is made. Therefore, the insured is compelled to appear and present their sworn testimony.

In addition to the insured and a representative from the insurance agency, a notary is present at a EUO to give a sworn oath. Meanwhile, a court reporter takes down everything said during the interview process.

How Notice Is Provided

Should a EUO be necessary you receive a notice through the mail. In some cases, this is certified and requires a signature to confirm it was received. The notice provides the reason for the EUO, the date and time, and the location of the testimony. If the insurance agency is out-of-state, the appearance could be virtual.

Reasons for a No-Show

Not all EUO no-show appearances are due to negligence. There are valid reasons why you could have difficulty attending. For instance, the notice doesn’t arrive in time to make alternate plans. You could also have a previous engagement that conflicts with the hearing.

In this situation, you must contact the insurer and attempt to reschedule. If you provide proof of the change the agency is likely to accept your request.

What Happens with a No-Show?

If you don’t show up for a scheduled EUO then the insurer will most likely deny your claim. If you feel this is inappropriate, especially if you attempted to reschedule, then you could seek an appeal. If that doesn’t work, then legal action is necessary to come to an agreement with the insurance company.

If this is the case, then make sure you keep all correspondence between you and the insurer. This includes the EUO notice, the reason for the denial, and any emails or phone calls made between you and the other party. This helps legal firms establish a solid case to obtain the claimant’s benefits.

Are you involved in this situation and are ready to take the next step? Then, reach out to the representatives at our Boca Raton, FL office for more information. They’ll guide you to the right attorney to straighten out your claim issues.