The Importance of Property Claims for Molding

Mold can cause serious illness to those exposed. It can even damage your property, furnishings, and other belongings, making it all the more important to take mold contamination seriously and report your claims. Property claims for mold are different in every state, and you need to understand your rights by learning the state’s laws regarding property claims. You will find these laws on your insurance regulators’ websites.  

It is common for insurance companies to deal in bad faith and wrongfully deny your claims, offer you full compensation for your property claims, or even undervalue your claim. Bernstein Polsky will ensure that all of your interests are represented aggressively so you can receive the compensation, coverage, or payment that you rightfully deserve.  

What Is Mold? 

Mold exists everywhere around us. It is a living thing that neither falls in the plant nor the animal category. It can grow both outdoors and indoors. In simpler terms, mold can be defined as microscopic fungi. Environments that contain excessive amounts of moisture are more likely to foster mold growth.  

The spores that it releases as part of its reproductive process are harmful to health and can damage property that contains cellulose. The materials vulnerable to mold include wood, paper, and paper coverings. It may not seem like it, but mold has the power to slowly and gradually destroy buildings that were previously strong enough to withstand the effects of earthquakes.  

Due to the existence of mold and the negligence of insurance companies, property claims for mold are increasing.  

Importance of Property Claims for Mold  

You simply can’t deny the importance of having an experienced law firm like Bernstein Polsky to represent your interests and ensure that you get the compensation to restore normalcy. Let us look at why property claims related to mold are essential. 

  • Like all property claims, mold claims to require a thorough investigation, for which you would require the assistance of a professional. If you are a homeowner based in Boca Raton, FL, looking for some legal assistance in the matter, Bernstein Polsky will take care of everything for you and help you fight your case. The person investigating the mold claim needs to have an in-depth understanding of the levels of fungal organisms throughout the day because fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels can cause spores to release.  
  • When mold grows in buildings or houses, the occupants are likely to experience bad odors or suffer from a variety of health issues caused due to mold exposure. Mold produces harmful toxins, irritants, and allergens harmful to both humans and animals. In some cases, mold exposure can even result in serious health problems.  
  • Regardless of whether the mold is dead or alive, there is a higher risk of allergic reactions due to the presence of mold in sensitive individuals. For non-sensitive individuals, excessive mold exposure can cause them to become sensitive and prone to allergic reactions.  
  • Another reason for investigating the presence of mold and filing a property claim is that mold also has the potential to weaken your immune system, which may lead to infections and other health-related issues. Mold can also cause skin diseases like athletes’ foot and yeast infections.  
  • With a rise in health problems due to mold exposure, mold litigation is growing worldwide, resulting in costly verdicts against builders, building owners, property owners, and insurers. You can now track the status or verdicts of mold laws suits on The National Association of Mutual Insurance website. The settlements claiming damages due to mold are making headlines and causing a new hysteria.  
  • Receiving medical care for health problems caused due to the presence of mold can be too expensive for everyone to afford. It is also costly to repair and replace household furniture and other valuable items, not to mention the costs of completely relocating. If you have the right legal team to fight your property claim, you will receive compensation to cover all of the costs associated with medical bills and repairs.  

Wrapping up  

Mold is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with accordingly. At Bernstein Polsky, we have a team of experienced and qualified attorneys who will take care of all the legal complexities involved in property claims and help you win your case so that your family can receive the large enough compensation to help you return to your everyday lives.  

Contact Bernstein Polsky today, and we will help you get the justice you deserve.