• Bernstein|Polsky reaches confidential multi-six figure policy limits settlement with two auto carriers for a 19 year old that suffered a traumatic brain injury as a passenger during a drag racing accident.
    • Bernstein|Polsky reaches $300,000 settlement for Plaintiff involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in a neck injury and one-level cervical fusion.
    • Bernstein|Polsky reaches $250,000.00 policy limits settlement from uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage carrier for Plaintiff who suffered a tibial plateau fracture and an exacerbation of a pre-existing foot injury when phantom vehicle exhibited road rage, running the Plaintiff into the vehicle in front of him.
    • Bernstein|Polsky reaches six-figure settlement agreement with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage carrier over and above the $1,250,000.00 underlying and umbrella policy for a pedestrian that was hit by a negligent driver walking to his vehicle; the Plaintiff suffered traumatic bodily injuries to his wrist, ribcage, heel and both feet, requiring two surgeries with open reduction and internal fixation of the both the left wrist and foot.
    • Bernstein|Polsky reaches $75,000.00 settlement against undisclosed department store for negligent maintenance of their cafeteria resulting in a slip and fall on spilled water; the plaintiff suffered from neck, back and shoulder complaints and received a stiches in her wrist to close a small laceration.
    • Bernstein|Polsky attorney reaches $400,000.00 pre-trial settlement with undisclosed major cruise line carrier when plaintiff slipped and fell on cruiseliner's pool deck as a result of an overflowing drain cavity, severely shattering her left knee cap.
    • Bernstein|Polsky attorney obtained a $250,000.00 settlement for the auto carrier's policy limits after an innocent bicyclist was hit and run down by vehicle in cross-walk resulting in complex tibia fracture.
    • Bernstein|Polsky Legal Team reaches pre-trial policy limits resolution against local municipality after a cyclist was thrown from his bicycle after rolling over and impacting the fault line of a defective and negligently maintained sewer drainage grate.
    • Bernstein|Polsky Legal Team recovers $105,000.00 settlement for Plantation homeowner after sudden water main pipe burst, resulting in the loss and repair to the homeowner's wood floors, kitchen cabinets and laundry room .
    • Bernstein|Polsky Legal Team reaches undisclosed settlement with Carnival Cruise Line for damages suffered by passengers on wedding cruise.
    • Bernstein|Polsky Legal Team recovers $137,000.00 settlement for retired Boca Raton public relations mogul after a water loss resulting from sudden pipe burst.

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