What Are Considered to Be Slip & Fall Accidents?


Like other people, you wake up, get ready, and walk out the door to take control of each day’s responsibilities: job, groceries, driving the kids about town, etc. 


It’s rare for you or anybody else to think that the next move you take might bring severe discomfort, hospitalization, or even major injury. 


Several cases are reported each day regarding slip & fall accidents. Boca Raton Fl is taking the necessary steps for its residents; most of them are preventable. Over 30 percent of these accidents fall in the severe or moderate category.  


A slip & fall accident may occur in nearly any place and, at any moment, which is terrifying. We’ll look at a series of slip & fall events below. If you know how these mishaps occur, you’ll be more prepared to prevent them. We’ll also recommend legal options if you’ve been injured in slip & fall accidents, Boca Raton, Fl. 

Slippery and Wet Floors 

Many people are familiar with wet flooring as one of the most common causes of slip & fall accidents, and they continue to occur. 


Shop keepers, for instance, have a responsibility to inspect their shop floors and clean up spillage thoroughly, but they must also notify the customers about the wet situation till it dries. 


Sadly, it’s a responsibility that shop owners and retail managers don’t often maintain. Accidents occur whenever safety precautions fall behind and innocent people bear the harm in the end.  


The most common causes of a slip & fall incident are: 


  • Slippery and wet floors. 


  • Spills on sidewalks. 


  • When a soapy solution is not completely dried. 


  • Water leaking from an appliance, ceiling, or other things. 


  • The wind has brought in rainfall, dirt, or water. 


  • Normally wet areas. 


  • Floors with a wax coating. 

Obstructed or Cluttered Walkways 

For crowded places, if you are at a cinema, a gymnasium, or the supermarket, the paths should be unobstructed, open, and effortless to cross. In the following situations, walkways may become dangerously obstructed or cluttered. 


  • Tripping risks from cords, cables, string, and ropes. 


  • Unexpected item intruding into pathways. 


  • Things that have been dropped or lost on a pathway. 


  • Hanging items, bookshelves, showcases, or fixture-related things that may have fallen. 


  • Having many displays or products on the storefront may lead to dangerously congested or narrow lanes. 


  • Businesses who go above their allotted space’s capacity 

Uneven and Unstable Walkways 

Imbalanced bricks are a common cause of tripping and falling for most people. Ideally, the only thing that gets hurt is your pride. However, if the journey is too intense, you may suffer a significant injury. 


A common example of slip & fall incidents is stumbling over uneven walkways. Some common reasons are: 


  • Falling into a pit. 


  • Any flooring that has been damaged in any way. 


  • Changes in elevation or slope that occur suddenly and without prior indication. 


  • Uneven sidewalks or pavers. 


  • Damaged, ripped, lumpy, torn, or bunched-up rugs. 


  • Fungus-infested floors. 


  • Faulty tiling. 

Defective Railings, Staircases, and Ramps 

Many of us go up and down staircases every day without givinga second thought about how bad a fall might be. However, a simple accident over several stairs may be lethal. Injuries occurred by defective railings,  ramps, and stairs are linked to a greater risk of injury. 


Injuries occurred by defective stairways, railings, and ramps include the following: 


  • Decaying stairwells. 


  • Stairs with poor design and an unequal space. 


  • The staircase is strewn with clutter. 


  • Stair railings that are broken or have become loose. 


  • Stairways with loosened carpets or treads. 


  • Ramps that are bumpy or uneven. 

Snow and Ice 

Cold weather may pose a danger to people walking outdoors and even on their property. You may compel house owners and the government to take reasonable steps to avoid harm due to snow, ice, hail, sleet, and extreme cold conditions. 

Elevators and Escalators 

A slip & fall can also result in elevator-related injuries. A sudden jerk or halt might lead passengers to lose their stability and tumble. In many cases, a lack of escalator maintenance is the root cause. 


Lawyers investigating an elevator accident sometimes discover that the proprietors or management had been getting reports about serious elevator issues for weeks or years but did nothing about them. 

Ladders and Scaffolding 

Working sites ladder-related slip & fall incidents may occur in commercial outlets such as bookshops, libraries, and furniture showrooms. 


Bunk bed ladders are often badly designed and neglected. Boca Raton Fl injury law might also apply to victims in such cases. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are looking for legal advice, have met any accidents, or are searching for resolutions to slip & fall accidents, Boca Raton Fl-based company – BP Injury Law is here to help you anytime and anywhere. If you are looking for a legal adviser, contact no other than BP injury law.