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Many people find themselves injured from time to time, with many common injuries being minor and nothing worth being concerned about. From scratches to bruises, most minor injuries can be treated at home. With the help of a first aid kit or over-the-counter medicine, you can get back to as good as new. 

However, some instances are more severe and require immediate medical attention. Whether you have broken bones or internal damage, the damage can be expensive and cost you a lot of time in the hospital or at home resting. To make a bad situation even worse, sometimes these injuries are not your fault.

When this is the case, personal injury lawyers in Boca Raton can help. With our team at Bernstein | Polsky on the job, you can rest assured that justice will get served. 

Not sure if you should call a personal injury lawyer or not? 

Let us fill you in on what you need to know and when to contact our law office.

You Were Involved in a Car or Motorcycle Accident

No matter if you found yourself in a car accident or motorcycle accident, there’s always a chance of some severe injuries. After every accident, small or large, you want to make sure you are seen by a doctor. 

A doctor will tell you if you are facing any injuries, and if so, what the course of treatment is. 

After this appointment or while you stay at the hospital, you might want to consider reaching out to a personal injury lawyer. 

A member of our team at Bernstein | Polsky, for instance, can listen to what happened and your injuries, then determine if you have a case worth pursuing. If you were not at fault, you likely have a strong personal injury case and can seek compensation for medical bills, loss of income, and more.

You Are a Victim of Medical Malpractice

Sometimes, doctors make mistakes and misdiagnose patients or cause other issues, such as losing items in the body. While everyone makes mistakes, including medical professionals, medical mistakes are dangerous and can cause many health issues. 

Failure to diagnose can allow a medical problem to worsen, while misdiagnosing can mean patients are taking the wrong medication, causing further harm to their bodies. There are also surgical mistakes that can occur, causing infection and other issues.

If you or a loved one is in this situation, it might be a good idea to pursue legal action. 

With a legal team on your side, you can seek justice, holding the medical professional accountable.

Your Life has Drastically Changed Due to Injury

Some people find that recovering from their injury isn’t always possible, such as being paralyzed or having brain damage. These permanent injuries impact the way you live your life and what activities you can do. 

If you were the person in your household who took home the most income or the only person who had income, you might have to make some changes if you can no longer work. Or, if you were active but now paralyzed, you might find the change of lifestyle affects your mental health or quality of living. 

If that’s the case, seeking the help of personal injury lawyers in Boca Raton can help you get compensation to make up for the medical bills, loss of income, quality of life, distress, and pain and suffering. It can’t change the outcome of medical malpractice, car accidents, or defective products, but it can make moving forward easier.

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Injuries can impact the way we live and make everyday activities temporarily challenging. But, sometimes, the injuries people face are more severe and can cause long-lasting damage or a permanent change in their life. 

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