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What is a Negligent Security Lawsuit, and When Should You File One?

Whether you live in an apartment complex, townhome, or neighborhood, you want high security. Peace of mind is very important and is something you expect when you move into a new home. You probably wouldn’t choose to live somewhere you felt unsafe, well at least not on purpose. 


With that in mind, it’s up to your landlord and community to provide you with safety and protection. It could be through cameras, security, a gate, and more. But, what happens when security is negligent? Or worse, nonexistent after being promised to you? It may not seem like these things could affect you. But one robbery, injury, or bad situation later, and you may think otherwise. When this happens, you have a lawsuit on your hands. With a negligent security lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida, you can get the safety and justice you seek.


What is Negligent Security?

Negligent security can go unnoticed for some time. The reason being is that it takes an incident to occur before tenants and residents realize the security is not doing their job. An example of security negligence is a broken gate or staff asleep on the job. Both of these situations may allow intruders to enter and cause harm to those who live in the community.


What Happens When Security is Negligent?

It doesn’t take much to entice a criminal. If someone sees the gate is wide open, they may consider it a golden opportunity. While some cases of security negligence may end up doing little harm, there’s still a risk. A criminal may enter the community and steal from those who left their cars unlocked. Or maybe they break into the vehicles on the premise. Now, this situation is pretty bad, but not the worst-case scenario. Some criminals may come in and decide to rob your home, rape someone, assault someone, or perform battery. The list goes on. You may think it won’t happen to you, but it can. That’s what everyone thinks before it does happen to them. That is why it is so important for security to function at its peak performance.


When Should You File a Lawsuit?

As soon as crime occurs because of negligence, that’s when you can file suit, you don’t wait. Whether the crime was against you or involved your property, both are reasonable and display negligent security. It’s important to gather evidence after the criminal activity occurs. Whether you take photos of your injuries or damaged property or have a police report, all evidence can help your case. You can never get overprepared when it comes to filing a lawsuit. Another piece of evidence that can prove helpful is proof of negligent security. If the gate is broken or if the security guard is asleep, you want to snap a photo of that. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that in the police report or have a neighbor vouch for you.


Get a Free Consultation for Your Case

When you have decided to pursue a case for your incident, you first want to ensure it’s a valuable case. The best way to do this is to reach out to an attorney. Here at Bernstein | Polsky, our team of negligent security lawyers in Boca Raton, Florida, can review the details. When you reach out to us, whether via phone or website contact form, we can learn more about your situation. From there, we can give you our expert advice on whether you should pursue the case or not. If we think there is some value to it, we can move on with helping you seek justice. No one should have to live in their community feeling unsafe or violated. With our team on your side, you can find closure and get the justice you deserve.


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Your home is a place of safety and security for you. When you move in, you trust that you’re safe and that any danger gets handled by the security team or equipment. But, when that trust gets betrayed, and criminal activity happens, you may find yourself a victim if negligence. With a negligent security lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida, you can get closure and compensation for your damages.  For your free case evaluation, reach out to the Bernstein | Polsky staff at (954) 997-9947. Our team is looking forward to helping you get the justice you deserve!