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Here Are 3 Signs Your Personal Injury Claim is Strong

There are tons of different circumstances that can result in an injury claim. But, you don’t want to turn any situation into a lawsuit. Sometimes, the injury or situation itself simply is not severe enough to pursue anything, and that’s okay. But, if you recently got caught up in a personal injury situation and are unsure if you should contact an attorney, this guide is for you. Here at Bernstein | Polsky, we know that deciding whether to contact an attorney or not can be a big decision, which is why we offer free consultation calls so you can hear from our team whether your case is worth pursuing. The free of charge call makes it so you have nothing to lose. But, in the meantime, keep reading below to see three sure signs that your personal injury claim is strong enough to pursue.


  • You Have Been On Top of Your Case

This sign may be a little confusing, so let us break it down for you. Sometimes people will suffer from an accident or some incident that results in them becoming injured. As soon as the accident happens, that person then needs to take the necessary steps to ensure their case is documented by the doctor who sees them and by the insurance company. However, sometimes people will procrastinate doing these things. For instance, if you are injured by the incident but do not see a doctor in a reasonable time frame, your case will be weakened. The same thing is true if you do not follow the doctor’s orders. Failing to be on top of the situation will make it look as if the incident is no big deal. If you are not making these things a priority then why would you need to pursue a case?


  • Breached Duty of Care

If your situation falls under a breached duty of care, then you probably have a strong injury case. Breached duty of care essentially means that the company or person failed to exercise a certain standard of care. In short, there was carelessness going on that caused your accident. Two cases that fall under this definition are slip and fall and involvement in a car accident because of a drunk driver. Both of these situations have one party being careless while the other is resuming usual activity. A grocery store clerk should put a wet floor sign up, and the drunk driver should not be driving.


  • You Are Suffering From Damages

Another way of knowing whether your claim is strong or not is by evaluating your damages. Damages can be anything from injury, time loss, and money spent on appointments. If you got injured and had to take time off work, that is considered economic damage. The whole point of pursuing a personal injury claim is to get reparations for the damages incurred. If you don’t have any damages to show for the situation, then you may lose more pursuing a case than you would gain. This situation comes down to you and your experience. If you only suffered a bruise and just couldn’t go to the gym for a day, then you may not want to pursue your case. On the other hand, if a drunk driver totaled your car and you have a broken arm, well, you are most definitely going to want to pursue the case. Although, if you still are not sure what the best decision is, our attorneys at Bernstein | Polsky can help you out when you hop on a call with us. We will be able to evaluate the facts and point you in the right direction.

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