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What are the Top 5 Common Signs of Negligent Security?

Too often do we see people get injured, or worse, because of negligent security. Sometimes communities or buildings never have security problems, but it only takes one missed day or one instance for something awful to happen. You might even have noticed security not being up to par in the past but brushed it off. 

Many people think nothing bad can ever happen, especially if we are vigilant. It seems unfathomable. Well, we all have this mindset until something horrible does happen. And at that point, it’s too late to go back and prevent the problem. 

If you were a victim of something horrible, but are unsure if the incident is due to negligent security, let us fill you in on what you need to know. Below, our negligence security lawyers in Boca Raton list the top five most common signs of negligence security.


  • There’s a Lack of Lighting

When we think of security, our mind jumps to security guards and cameras. However, those are only two aspects of security. There are many other components to having all-around efficient security. One thing that creates a safer environment is lighting. It may seem as if it wouldn’t contribute much to security or community safety. But, a lack of bright lighting allows criminals to hide or go unseen by innocent people. There are reasons why people are scared of the dark or walking alone at night, and being unable to see criminals lurking is a primary reason for this. 


  • Broken Fence or Locks

When there’s a gate to a community, you automatically feel safer. Someone has to make a legitimate effort to get in and this added security helps you feel safer. But the gate defeats the purpose and fails to protect when it’s broken or has an unsecured opening. The same goes for those gates that are supposed to lock unless you have some key or access code. If anyone can get in, what would stop criminals from doing so?


  • Passive Security Guards

Sometimes as residents we love relaxed security. They don’t hassle us when we forget our key or pass to get into the community or complex. But we have to remember that even though it may be nice sometimes, it can go horribly wrong. A security guard that is too passive could be letting in strangers in the community as well. And while some people probably have pure intentions or are coming to visit someone, we cannot expect that from everyone. Between assaults, break-ins, and even worse, rapes and murders, the threat is too high to let anyone in.


  • No Security Cameras or Working Cameras

Something else every property should have is working security cameras. Security guards and employees only have two eyes and they can’t see everything all the time.  Sure, they may patrol, but that’s not always enough to catch something odd. But with security cameras in place, you can watch every aspect of the property with ease. If something sketchy or suspicious happens, the guard can easily track it down and investigate.


  • No Security Presence

If there is no security presence at all, it’s essentially an invitation to criminals. People notice things. Despite you feeling safe in your neighborhood or a building you frequent, you do not want there to be any security. No matter how safe something is or feels, you never know what could happen. It may seem like no big deal or that the odds are low of something happening, but the odds are never 0. And if something doesn’t happen to you, it could happen to someone else. There should always be security present and actively keeping an eye out. Here at Bernstein | Polsky, our negligence security lawyer in Boca Raton too often sees lack of security presence, and crime as a result.


We Can Help!

If it feels like you never hear about negligent security cases, it’s because they do not get brought up as often as they should. Too often does it take someone being a victim of an aggressive crime before it goes to court. Even a car break-in is not given enough attention but it poses a great threat to residents. However, if negligent security contributes to low-risk crimes, it can also contribute to more severe crimes. To learn more, check out our website Bernstein | Polsky. Or if you have been a victim and want to pursue your case, our negligence security lawyers in Boca Raton can help. Give us a call at (954) 997-9947.