Wrongful Death Lawyer

When Should You Call a Wrongful Death Attorney in Boca Raton?

The death of a loved one is always painful. There is something even more tragic about knowing that their death could have been avoided. If you have a loved one who has died due to wrongful death, it’s important to contact an attorney and see how they can help your family during this tragic time. This is precisely what makes wrongful death cases so complicated and hurtful. Emotions are tense, and anxieties run high. When dealing with the death of a loved one due to avoidable causes, it’s crucial to hire a wrongful death attorney in Boca Raton. The compassionate team at Bernstein | Polsky offers help for those dealing with wrongful death cases and we’re here to help you. Here are a few examples of when to contact a wrongful death attorney in Boca Raton.  


Car Accidents  

Traffic accidents are the number one cause of wrongful deaths in America. According to statistics, in 2016, there were over 37,000 vehicle-related deaths. In Florida, over 3,000 deaths occurred in 2016 due to auto accidents. These statistics are surprising. The reason for most of the accidents includes distracted driving, speeding, and driving while drunk or sleepy.  


Truck Accidents  

Semis take up many roadways in America, and while they are useful for transporting goods from one location to the other, they are also noted as being one of the deadliest vehicles on the road. These types of accidents are often complicated because family members are up against large commercial businesses that don’t want the bad press. The most common reasons for the accidents include oversized collisions, non-secure transportation, mechanical failures, driver errors, and sleepy drivers.  


Motorcycle, Bike, and Pedestrian Accidents  

For the other individuals on the road, motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians can sometimes become accidental targets. According to the NHTSA, there were over 5,000 motorcyclists killed, over 5,000 pedestrians killed, and over 800 bicyclists killed in 2016. It’s crucial for anyone one a moving bike to wear a helmet, as this is often the reason why deaths occur. As a pedestrian, looking both ways and not trusting drivers to stop is imperative.  


Medical Malpractice  

Hospitals are ironically a place we turn to for safety. However, some mistakes are made, and those mistakes can sometimes cost a person their life. Some of the most common issues include misdiagnosis, birth injuries, lack of informed consent, delayed treatment, incorrect treatment, surgical errors, hospital negligence, and more.  



Work is thought to be a safe place, but oftentimes, there are hazards all around. There may be slip and fall cases waiting to happen, electricity issues, or even falling objects. Like many of these wrongful death situations, it’s challenging to fight back against because many workplaces are large industries. It’s crucial to have a lawyer that won’t give up, no matter the size of the case.  


Product Issues  

Last, but not least, defective products can cause wrongful death. Whether it’s defective drugs, cars, trucks, foods, or household items, they can be deadly if they are not manufactured correctly.  


If you’re facing any of these issues in your current life, or if a loved one has been a victim, contact a wrongful death attorney in Boca Raton at Bernstein | Polsky today. We’re a team dedicated to helping our clients find an element of peace in such a tragic time. We fight for the justice of your loved one, and we can assure you that we will give our all. Call us today to see what Bernstein | Polsky can do for you.