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How to Know If you Can File a Negligent Security Claim

As a US citizen, you have the right to feel safe on the street. When you walk into a bar, shopping mall, nightclub, or any public place, you have the right to expect the owner to take appropriate security measures. However, if you are injured, robbed, raped, or wrongfully killed, you or your family members have the right to file a negligent security claim. 

Negligent lawsuits are filed against the property owner who failed to provide the necessary security when a foreseeable injury is sustained. While all negligent security cases are unique, legal core principles will help you understand whether you should file a Negligent security claim. In this blog post, we will share all the details related to negligent security claims in Florida. So keep reading to know your rights. 

What Do You Mean by Foreseeable Crime?

Foreseeable crime is an act of violence, theft, or a crime that can be anticipated based on the crime rate of a particular area. Store owners have the responsibility of keeping their customers safe. If your business is in an area with high criminal activity, it’s your responsibility as a store owner to install surveillance equipment, alarm or hire a guard. If a business fails to increase security against a known threat, its owner can be held liable in court for negligent security. 

To prove negligent security liability by uncovering prior criminal activities in the store or the vicinity, you require the services of an excellent negligent security lawyer. Boca Raton’s BP Injury will provide you with an experienced lawyer who will work hard to ensure a ruling in your favor. This legal standard is the first step to investigating a negligent security claim. 

How Do I Win a Negligent Security Claim?

Winning a negligent security claim depends on your lawyer and his investigative skills. The legal standards differ from state to state, but you need to prove the below-mentioned things to win a negligent security claim in Florida. 

  1. The defendant was legally required to provide security for his customers.
  2. The defendant did not provide the required level of security.
  3. The plaintiff’s injuries are due to negligence by the defendant. 

A competent negligent security lawyer will leave no stones unturned during his investigation of your case. Thorough interviews, research, and collaborative work are necessary to fulfill the third requirement of winning a negligent security case in Florida. 

How Far Back Lawyers Research to Find Foreseeable Crime?

The first question negligent security victims ask is how far my lawyer will look back to find foreseeable crime? It’s hard to determine a number. In most cases, lawyers look back several years to prove negligent security cases. However, going back as far as 5 or 10 years is unreasonable. The ideal period is “when the shop owner started his business.” If any serious criminal activity occurs during that period, the shop owner is liable to provide security for its customers. If the store owner fails to do so, proving all the three points above becomes easy. 

Timely Action is Essential 

If you have a negligent security case, taking quick action will be in your favor. You should immediately hire a negligent security lawyer in Boca Raton to fight your case. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better your chances of winning the case. 

. Some states give up to 4 years to file a negligent security claim, but you should file a case as soon as possible. Delays from your end will complicate your case because your lawyer will have trouble finding criminal activities on the store premises where you were injured. Moreover, you’ll have to answer why you filed your case so late. 

A negligent security lawyer in Boca Raton can file the required paperwork for your case within your state’s deadline. Your lawyer will need security footage (if any cameras were installed) and other details to file your case. Therefore, timely action ensures the evidence doesn’t disappear. 

Final Verdict 

Going to your local store might seem safe, but you never know who’s lurking in the dark. As a US citizen, you should feel safe on the street. The US justice system makes sure every victim of negligent security receives justice. Attorneys John S. Bernstein and Joshua E. Polsky at BP Injury ensure your voice is heard. They won’t rest until you find justice. 

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