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Most important Ways to Prepare for a Personal Injury Case

When filing injury claims in Boca Raton, hiring a personal injury lawyer can make the difference between winning or losing your case. If you’re in Boca Raton and need a personal injury lawyer, look no further than the team at Bernstein Polsky Injury Law.  We will work to help you build your case and get you the compensation you deserve. We understand how difficult and stressful this time can be and hiring an unreliable lawyer can not only add to your burden but can also significantly decrease your settlement. In this article, we will explain how to prepare your case and get the money and justice you deserve.

Contact Bernstein Polsky Injury Law to Prepare Your Case

As with any case, there are many stages of preparation, some more challenging than others. The best thing you can do for yourself is to contact an attorney to guide you through the individual steps. For example, we often have clients come to us for assistance after they have not met a deadline. You will not receive additional time once a deadline has passed. When working with an attorney, they can help you prepare all paperwork to begin your lawsuit and ensure that everything is submitted in a timely manner.

Gather Admissible Evidence

If you were involved in any type of accident, one of the first and most important ways to prepare for filing a claim is to gather admissible evidence. Every development in the case must be proven by evidence, which can be collected from various sources, such as CCTV footage, police reports, eyewitness statements, and documents from your medical practitioner.

There are many layers in a case and each layer must be supported, which means you and your attorney will spend a significant amount of time collecting the necessary evidence to build your case. In the end, the goal is to prove that you are not liable for the accident and injuries you sustained. The reason collecting evidence should be one of the first things you do is because it doesn’t last forever. Eyewitnesses can forget what they saw, making them unreliable, while footage can be deleted or taped over.

Review Your Case

You want to know your case forward and backward, not just from your perspective but from that of the defendant. What does this mean, exactly? Essentially, it means determining weaknesses in your case that the other side can take advantage of. Don’t worry, this is not a step you will do on your own. Our personal injury lawyers in Boca Raton have years of experience and training for this exact situation. They will review the evidence and eyewitness testimonies to ensure they hold up in front of a judge and they will try to determine what the other side might say to prove they are not at fault. This is a very time-intensive step, but by not thoroughly reviewing your case, you are taking a risk.

Avoid Making Contradictory Statements

Filing a lawsuit is something people typically do once in a lifetime, making it a unique situation when it occurs. As a result, it is not uncommon to say the wrong thing. You may not intend to contradict yourself, but your nerves can cause you to make a contradictory statement that later can be used against you. This is one of many reasons we generally advise our clients not to speak to representatives from the other side, such as the defendant’s public adjuster.

Find an Expert Witness

When you need to rely on the expertise of a specialist, you will need to find an expert eyewitness. If you were involved in a car accident, for example, an expert eyewitness can be the doctor who treated your injuries. S/he can explain to the judge how severe your injuries were and may be able to specifically explain how they were sustained (i.e., by the defendant’s reckless driving). Their training and experience make them the perfect candidate when you need your injuries to be explained in detail.

Don’t Delay

The statute of limitations for a personal injury in Florida is four years from the date of the accident. In other words, you have exactly four years to file a lawsuit. You may think four years is enough time to build a case to support your claim but consider all that goes into it on both sides – yours and that of your attorney. When filing injury claims in Boca Raton, contact Bernstein Polsky Injury Law. We have a reputation for powerful advocacy and outstanding results. Call 954-997-9947 for a free consultation.