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What Kind of Insurance Claims Can Our Attorneys Help You With?

Most people are familiar with what the insurance company does and what a lawyer does. However, there are still tons of these people who don’t realize how the two have some things in common. For instance, an attorney can assist you with your claim. You may not have thought an attorney would have anything to do with insurance, but, it’s one of the many reasons people come into see an attorney. Filing an insurance claim can be a confusing, stressful, and time-consuming process. It’s a process that many simply do not have the time for. That’s where we come in. At Bernstein Polsky, we can handle your insurance claims for you. Whether an injury claim or a property claim, we got you covered. With an attorney helping you with your claim you are more likely to have it done successfully and get the coverage you deserve. Insurance companies like to play games sometimes but with an attorney on your side, they will have a difficult time finding a way to short your coverage.


Injury Claims


Here at Bernstein Polsky, we understand that accidents happen and can sometimes be devastating for all involved. During these times, filing a claim and dealing with the insurance company is the last thing you are going to want to do. Whether the injury we are dealing with is a broken bone or full blow surgery, our team can handle the claim for you with ease. Regardless of how small the injury is, you as the victim should not be held accountable for your medical bills, lost earnings, and time spent at medical appointments. We also can pursue a case for you if necessary. During our free consultations, we can hear your story and let you know the value of your case. You may be surprised and decide to pursue one. Some of the personal injury claims our team can help you with are:


. Catastrophic Personal Injury
. Daycare Abuse and Neglect
. Wrongful Death
. Premises Liability
. Boating Accidents
. Slip and Fall Accidents
. Negligent Security
. Traumatic Brain Injuries
. Nursing Home Abuse
. Workplace Accidents


Property Claims


While some instances of injury can be prevented, property damage is completely out of everyone’s control. We can all try our best to protect our homes; however, there comes a point where mother nature is simply going to be stronger. When this happens, your home may fall victim to some property damage. This is incredibly common in South Florida as we are known to have pretty severe hurricane seasons, tons of summer storms, and a hot climate. If the hurricanes don’t get your home then water damage or mold probably will. When this happens, don’t stress yourself out trying to deal with filing the claim and contacting the insurance company. Let our team at Bernstein Polsky do the heavy lifting for you. Our expertise in the law and all things policy will ensure your claim is done successfully. With us on your side you don’t have to worry about a claim denial or lack of coverage, we can ensure you get the coverage you deserve. Some of the property damage claims we can help with are:


. Condominium Damage
. Bad Faith
. Plumbing Burst
. Theft
. Denied Claims
. Tornado
. Falling Trees
. Roof Leak
. Fire
. Sinkhole
. Floor Damage
. Scope Expansion
. Flood
. Vandalism
. Hidden Pipe Leak
. Hurricane
. Lightning
. Mold
. Withdrawn Claim
. Windstorm
. Undervalued Claim
. Underpayment

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Are you currently dealing with an injury or property damage? If so, let the experts at Bernstein Polsky help you out. Filing the claim yourself and trusting the insurance companies to do the right thing and give you the proper coverage is never the route to go. Because when you do get less coverage than necessary, or get a denied claim, you are going to need an attorney to help to negotiate and appeal it. Don’t put yourself in this situation of stress and frustration, reach out to our team today. We can be reached by phone at (954) 997-9947. We are looking forward to assisting you!