Catastrophic Personal Injury Boca Raton

What Is a Catastrophic Personal Injury in Boca Raton?

Most of us are quite familiar with injury law and the various cases associated with it. But personal injury and catastrophic personal injury in Boca Raton are very different. A personal injury is any injury you sustain in an accident or incident. It can be a broken bone, a small burn, or a head injury that did not result in unconsciousness. But catastrophic injuries, on the other hand, take it to the next level. They are the more severe cases where someone’s life could potentially get altered, either temporarily or permanently. An injury like this is the foundation; however, there is so much more that goes into it. If you are unsure if you have been a victim of a catastrophic personal injury in Boca Raton, our injury lawyers here at Bernstein | Polsky can help you out.


What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries are those that result in life-changing, either temporarily or permanently, injuries for the victim. Sometimes, these injuries even result in the victim becoming disabled or unable to work. Some examples of catastrophic injuries are brain injuries, spinal injuries, and severe burns. Others fall in this category, such as the injuries inflicted during a near-fatal car accident. However, attorneys look at it case by case instead of going on strict guidelines. Every catastrophic injury is unique and affects the victim differently. When this is the case, the best thing to do is reach out to a personal injury lawyer. Having to change your life around an injury isn’t the worst thing, but a catastrophic injury can have a huge impact. In these cases, we do not just consider the physical health of the victim. We must also consider mental health as the injury could impact that as well.


What Impact Can a Catastrophic Personal Injury in Boca Raton Have?

More often than not, catastrophic injuries have a large negative impact on the person injured. The first thing we think of is injury and medical bills. The person who got hurt is now going to have to recover in a hospital setting. They are going to have tons of medical bills now and in the future. And when they make a recovery, it might not end there. The person may need medical treatment going forward or require mental health services. 


We often think only of the physical injuries, but catastrophic injuries can be traumatic mentally as well. Another thing we have to consider is financial impact and loss. What happens when the person injured was the one who supplied an income for the family? The injured person at best, cannot work temporarily. But in some cases, they are never able to work again.


Why Should You Seek the Help of a Personal Injury Attorney?

There are many ways an attorney can help those who are victims of a catastrophic injury. One way is through representation and compensation. If you were injured but are having a hard time seeking justice, an attorney can help. You may never be able to recover or have the same life as before. And coping with that is hard. But ensuring the guilty person is held accountable for what they did can help. This is especially true if you got injured in an accident where drinking and driving were a factor. 


Sometimes we think we can get justice and monetary compensation with just the insurance company, especially when it comes to accidents, but that isn’t always enough. Sometimes we require more compensation. When you have mounting medical bills and cannot work, you need more than one check. With the proper representation, we can ensure you get coverage for as long as you need treatment. If you need lifelong treatment, we can negotiate that for you. When the injury is not your fault, it only makes sense to have the guilty party pay up and take responsibility.


We Can Help!

Dealing with any injury, whether big or small, can take a toll on a person. From the injury itself to financial problems, these cases are severe and alter someone’s life completely. The best thing you can do when you fall victim to catastrophic injury is to contact a Bernstein | Polsky attorney. One of our attorneys can navigate your case and represent you. With our team on your side, you can seek justice the right way. To learn more, reach out to us today at (954) 997-9947.