Increased Demand for Lawyers During Covid-19

Lawyers Working Round-the-Clock Amid COVID-19

Many people are concerned about how the high rate of the spread of the Coronavirus will affect their businesses and lives. Lawyers are working extra hours in light of the Pandemic to help employers navigate the legalities as their employees quickly fall ill from the virus. Not to mention employees’ unrest due to their fear of catching the virus. The BP Injury Law firm is ready for your concerns but may also be very busy helping other clients.

How Should Employers Handle the Issues Regarding the Coronavirus?

Since many people are concerned about the Pandemic, it’s important for us to address the issues people face during these trying times. Employers want to know how to be legally compliant while still protecting their business. Unfortunately, we cannot give out information unique to you and your situation, but we might be able to answer questions you have about legal advice regarding the Pandemic.

Employers have inquired about how they should treat employees that display symptoms or have been exposed to another person who has the virus. The main advice for this situation is for employers to make sure their actions align with the latest updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After deciding an employee cannot come into the workplace, the employer should ensure they are compliant with all other laws that could apply. For example, employers must comply with FMLA laws if they apply.

Coronavirus Action Plan

Additionally, employers should have a plan to address issues with the Coronavirus when an employee is exposed to it or is diagnosed with it. In general, the world is dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic; employers must also address it internally at their workplace. An employer’s plan should include the following elements in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic:

• A remote work policy that ensures the continuation of at least some operations while they are working from home

• A descriptive procedure of how the organization will handle the situation of a temporary closure or government shutdown

• Cleaning and sanitation efforts to prevent the spread of the virus through the workplace, such as additional soaps, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes

• Updated communications regarding new suggestive and required implications for protecting themselves from the Coronavirus.

Employees Inquiries Regarding the Pandemic

Likewise, employees also wonder about safety in their workplaces because of fear of exposure to the virus. We advise individual employees with these concerns to ask their employers for reasonable, law-abiding accommodations regarding the Pandemic. Employers who violate the law could face lawsuits.

Since everyone is dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic, concerned employers and employees have many understandable questions regarding legal compliance and safety precautions. At BP Injury Law in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we can help you with your personal injury legal advice needs.