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What Makes Personal Injury Lawyers Different?

Personal injury law is a specific area of legal practice that deals with any physical or mental harm suffered by one person due to an action taken by another. Personal injury lawyers help those who have been injured through no fault of their own to seek compensation for their losses and suffering. While there are many personal injury lawyers worldwide, there are some unique qualities that set apart those in this profession from other types of lawyers. This article will examine five such differences between those in this field and others.


1) Personal injury lawyers handle a wide variety of cases

One difference between personal injury lawyers and other types is the scope of cases they handle. While most other types focus only on one type – criminal or business – personal injury attorneys usually accept any case. While many personal injury lawyers specialize, the nature of this type of law means that there are no types of cases they will decline to take on. The typical cases include medical malpractice, car accidents, truck collisions, slip and falls, construction site accidents, defective products, unsafe premises liability, and much more.


2) Personal injury lawyers deal with an emotional toll

The nature of personal injury law often requires dealing with people at the most vulnerable time in their lives. Because victims are injured through no fault of their own – instead, it is someone else’s negligence or deliberate wrongdoing – clients may be angry about what happened to them. This can lead to aggression towards an attorney before all the facts have been collected, so it becomes necessary to remain calm and professional when dealing with clients.


3) Personal injury lawyers are the only ones to push for punishments

In some cases, a personal injury attorney may also help file criminal charges against the person responsible for causing harm. This is more common in medical malpractice cases, especially when it involves an intentional act such as performing surgery on someone without their consent or misdiagnosing a condition. Having this kind of lawyer ensures that justice will be served.


4) Personal injury lawyers have a high need for documentation

One of the most important things a personal injury attorney does is collect documents and paperwork related to the case. This includes anything from police reports to doctor’s records to witness statements, so when it comes time to litigate, these points can be used in court. The nature of these types of cases often means there are many different people involved. It’s the responsibility of the personal injury lawyer to make sure all information is properly collected and presented in court.


5) Personal injury lawyers are not for the faint of heart

Personal injury law is one of the most stressful areas in law practice. This is especially true in cases involving medical malpractice because if a lawyer doesn’t have access to enough evidence, they may never be able to bring the case to court. It’s also important that these lawyers have an emotional connection since the client will be the key witness in court, so personal injury attorneys need to treat them with respect and care regardless of whether they are being aggressive or cooperative.



Personal injury lawyers are an essential part of the legal profession because they care for people who others have wronged. While the nature of this type of law requires a different set of skills and strategies than other types, these lawyers work tirelessly for their clients. With this kind of dedication, it is easy to see why personal injury law is such an essential part of any legal system. If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer in Tamarac, contact Bernstein | Polsky to see how we can help you.