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Here Are Some Things to Know About a Catastrophic Personal Injury and How We Can Help!

Many people are familiar with personal injuries and what encompasses one. However, a topic many don’t like to discuss or think about is personal injuries turning catastrophic. The very idea that anyone can end up in a situation so horrible because of something someone else did is almost unfathomable. However, difficult situations like this do happen, and knowing what steps to take in these situations is critical. While personal injuries do not always turn into catastrophes, it’s a possibility. When it does, the best thing you can do is contact an attorney. If you are unfamiliar with the facts of catastrophic personal injuries, don’t stress it, many people are unaware. It’s a difficult topic to approach. But, if you find that yourself or a loved one is currently in this situation, be sure to reach out to Bernstein | Polsky, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  to seek justice.


What is a Catastrophic Injury?

When it comes to the types of injuries, whether they are catastrophic or not, there tends to be some confusion. Our attorneys are here to clear that up. Situations where you or a loved one can no longer function the way they once did, participate in gainful work, has had a change in a key bodily system, or a time of suffering all point to an injury being catastrophic. Some more specific examples include but are not limited to amputations, spinal cord or brain injuries, numerous fractures, internal injuries, burn injuries, loss of senses, neurological disorders, and disfigurement. Essentially, injuries or situations where the victim’s life has significantly altered. What sets these injuries apart from a less severe injury, besides the obvious, is the immense amount of medical treatment a victim is going to need. Those with catastrophic injuries will most likely need medical treatment throughout their entire life. They also will not be able to live their life as they once knew it. All of this combined leads to a lot of emotional pain, which may lead to trauma or the need for mental health services.


What Causes Catastrophic Injuries?

Now that you know what a catastrophic injury may be, you are probably wondering what could cause something so severe. These types of injuries usually come from a few different situations, such as car accidents, medical malpractice, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall incidents, and work-related accidents. Almost every time the victim is severely injured, it is due to someone else being negligent and careless. Because of someone else, this person now faces a life that they are is very different than what they had planned. A prime example would be a drunk driver hitting another car.


How Can an Attorney Help?

Those that find themselves or a loved one involved in an accident that results in catastrophic injury should seek justice with the help of an attorney. An attorney may not be able to cure the injury or take you back in time, but they can give you justice and help out in other ways. The best way an attorney can help is by having the accused compensate you for your medical bills. Catastrophic injuries are expensive and can put many victims into debt. If you are not at fault, these bills should not be yours to pay. When the court finds the other person at fault, they get the duty of paying for any suffering, medical bills, lost earnings, and loss of relationships. On top of this, the person may even get jail time for what they did.


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When it comes to a catastrophic injury and a personal injury, the two are very different. But, ultimately, the person who caused the accident should always be held accountable. The victim should never have to pay their medical bills and go without compensation for their mental, emotional, and physical suffering. While this may sound difficult to accomplish, with the help of an attorney from Bernstein | Polsky, all you have to do is focus on recovering while we handle the rest. To get started on your or your loved one’s case, give our team a call today at (954) 997-9947.