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Safe Driving Tips from a Car Accident Lawyer in Boca Raton

Spring is near and that means any of us will be traveling more. Whether it’s to see family in warmer states, loved ones, business partners, or just weekend get-aways with friends.  Whatever the case may be, it’s important to drive safely. This includes ensuring that all passengers are prepared for long trips or prolonged seating, that your car or the car you’ll be using is in optimal shape, and more. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re driving safely.


Have Your Car Services: Tips from an Accident Lawyer in Boca Raton  

Before a large road trip, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is going to make it. 9% of all accidents are related to tire failures. If your tires need air, or you’ve noticed inconsistent tire pressure, you want to get those things taken care of before you hit the road!  Oil changes, brake checks, and fluid checks are also important things that need to be checked prior to you driving. 


Drive with Focus 

A common issue when driving is that people are not focused on driving. There may be other passengers in the car. Or the driver may be having a difficult time navigating their GPS device, or something as simple as changing the song on the radio. Whatever the situation is, it’s important that the driver be an individual who has a knack for focusing and tuning out the rest of the world. 


Take Familiar Routes  

While it can be fun to take the road less traveled, it’s best to stay on the roads that you are familiar with. Back roads during evening commutes can turn into disastrous endeavors and can be troublesome even in the daylight. While South Florida is rather commercialized, there are roads that are less familiar. Wildlife thrives in many of these areas, and due to the lack of frequent travelers, animals may be a little curious about you and your vehicle and jump out when you least expect it. Take the highways, avoid roads you aren’t familiar with, and don’t make detours you aren’t sure you can come back from.  


Eat Outside of the Car  

It’s common for families to want to eat in the car to save time, but this can be dangerous. There are many dangers to this, especially if travelers have children. They may experience a child needing assistance and briefly turn around to help. While it is only a couple of seconds, that turn can be enough to cause an accident. Instead, eat outside of the car in an actual restaurant, or at a rest stop. It may take abut of extra time, but it’s well worth the safety of you and your family.  


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