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Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident

Following these simple tips can keep you safer when riding your motorcycle.


  • Never presume that other drivers can’t see you and your motorcycle.


  • It is critical to leave a large opening before and behind and to the sides of all other cars.


  • Make sure to watch out for drivers turning left into your path in intersections.


  • Always stay sober when driving a motorcycle.


  • Avoid riding after the weekend late at night, especially on Saturday and Sunday, when intoxicated drivers are more likely to be on the road.


  • Be careful when approaching turns where you cannot see the next bend. You may encounter a parked truck or a stretch of sandy soil.


  • If you give in to road rage, it’s a mistake to “get even” with another driver or motorcycle rider.


  • Pull over and let them pass if they are tailgating you because else you may lose precious distance.


  • To stay safe when you’re riding, wear protective clothing and a helmet.


Statistics About Motorcycle Accidents

Approximately three-quarters of motorcycle accidents are due to a collision with another vehicle, most typically, an automobile stopped or slowed down.


A motorcycle accident occurs about one-fourth of the time the motorcycle collides with something fixed or moving on the road.


Almost 3% of motorcycle accidents are caused by a vehicle failure, most occurring due to a tire puncture or blowout.


About two-thirds of the time, motorcycle errors include slides and falls owing to brake over-acceleration or total entries due to excessive speed or under-cornering.


2% of accidents are caused by roadway faults (pavement ridges, potholes), while animal involvement is the cause in 1% of accidents.


Violation of another vehicle driver’s right-of-way is the common cause of a motorbike collision 2/3 of the time.


The most significant source of motorcycle collisions is the drivers’ failure to distinguish motorcyclists from other vehicles in traffic. Neither the motorcyclist nor the second vehicle driver engaged in the collision with the motorcycle sees the other car until it is too late to escape the crash. This is a common occurrence.


One study estimates intersections are where people get killed by a car in a motorcycle accident with the other vehicle (usually one), especially when the driver ignores traffic restrictions.


The overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents have nothing to do with the weather.


Sometimes Motorcycle Accidents Are Hard to Prevent

Even motorcyclists who are involved in collisions find it challenging to prevent it. Typically, many riders place a significant deal of stress on the rear brake during braking and focus less on the front brake, decreasing the rider’s ability to decelerate. Also, when you’re intoxicated, you can no longer countersteer or swerve.


Motorcycles, especially larger ones, are vulnerable to automobiles not noticing them. Complex laws control motorcycle-related legislation. Attorneys with a substantial level of experience in personal injury cases should be consulted if you or someone you know is injured in a motorbike accident. The ideal attorney will thoroughly educate you about your specific rights and help ensure that none of them are violated.


Injuries and Property Damage

The majority of motorcycle accidents end in injuries and substantial property damage and losses. The services of an experienced and professional lawyer are recommended. They are knowledgeable and skilled enough to help you understand the many legal implications of a motorbike accident.


A high risk of fatality is commonly associated with motorcycle accidents due to the lack of protection on motorcycles. Injuries caused by several accidents are significant and, in some cases, deadly. According to data in 2006, 4,810 motorcyclists died in the United States from accidents, while over 88,000 motorcyclists sustained severe injuries.


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