Denied Insurance Claim Boca Raton, FL

Why Your Insurance Claim was Denied and How to Fix It

While we all hope it never happens to us, property damage intrudes into many people’s lives. And while it may not have happened to you yet, it happens to everyone at least once. The damage could be as small as a broken window or as large as flooding. Either way, dealing with property damage of any kind is the absolute worst. The damage itself can cause a lot of stress. After all, many times small damage can turn into large damage if not addressed quickly enough. Which brings us to addressing the damage and solving it, aka dealing with the insurance companies. This is what makes the stress from a 5 to a 10. The insurance companies make the process much more difficult by making the claim process complicated. It’s so complicated that many people find themselves filling it out incorrectly, which can result in less coverage than you deserved or simply getting denied. If this sounds like your current situation, know that you aren’t alone. Many people face this fate. However, being denied does not need to be the end all be all. Read below to learn the common reasons people are denied and how to fix it.


You Filed the Claim Late or Incorrectly

So far we have established that the insurance companies are brutal. This means that they especially have no tolerance for late claims or those that are filled out entirely incorrectly. While they could make the process a tad bit easier, we don’t recommend holding out on that. Making sure to get your claim in on time will improve your chances of seeing the coverage you deserve. A late claim is almost always an automatic denial, no matter how accurately it was filled out. The timeline to fill out the claim is usually between 180 days to a year, giving you an ample amount of time to fill it out. If the claim is simply too time consuming or confusing, this time frame should give you enough time to work with an attorney from Bernstein Polsky. Our team can assist you in filing the claim so it is accurate and most importantly, submitted on time.


Your Policy Does Not Cover Your Damage

Another big reason claims are denied is because of your policy. Many people make the mistake of not reading up on their policy to determine if it covers the property damage. This is a mistake that the insurance company may not be too forgiving about. After all, it is up to the homeowner to read up on the insurance policy or have an attorney help them out. For instance, many people in Florida are covered for storm damage; however, damages such as flooding and mold are not always included. These nitty-gritty details are buried deep into the policy. But with an attorney’s help, you will know the ins and outs of your policy without having to read it.


How to Fix a Claim Being Denied

If you fell into any of the categories above and were denied, it’s not the end of the world. You can, fortunately, fix being denied. However, you may have a hard time doing it on your own. If you have recently been denied, then you must contact our team at Bernstein Polsky as soon as possible. The timeframe to submit an appeal to the insurance company is very small. You also are going to want an expert on the law to help you make a strong defense as to why you are appealing the denial. With us on your side, you won’t have to worry about negotiating with the insurance company. We can do that for you, and likely get you from being denied to getting some coverage.

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