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Should You Contact an Attorney or Public Adjuster After Denied Residential Claim?

At Bernstein Polsky, we handle a lot of injury claims in Boca Raton. We also handle property insurance claims, such as denied claims after you experience damage to your residential property. We know the way insurance companies work. They often conduct inadequate investigations, delay handling your claim, undervalue your claim, and even wrongfully deny your claim. This is what we call insurance bad faith. Whether you are a homeowner seeking help with an insurance claim or a public adjuster who needs legal assistance with a client’s claim, you need the training and expertise of a qualified attorney.

Why are Claims Denied?

Insurance laws in Florida are complicated. In general, it is difficult to reverse a denied claim, but Bernstein Polsky knows the law, Florida insurance policies, types of coverage, and statutes that may overrule the insurance policy’s final decision. We will aggressively represent your interests to help maximize your recovery in a prompt and just manner.

There are many reasons why your claim may have been denied. A few of the most common reasons are:

  • Your insurer might blame you for the damage
  • Your insurer is trying to minimize payout
  • Your claim was filed past the deadline
  • You have not been consistent with your insurance premium payments
  • The information you provided on your application was false
  • You did not provide sufficient information regarding the damages to your property
  • The damages were not included in your insurance policy
  • You experienced damages in the past and did not take measures to prevent further damage

Many of the reasons that claims get denied are out of our hands. However, if your insurer is trying to minimize your payout, we can help. We use our knowledge to negotiate with insurance companies and secure a maximum settlement on your behalf. Let us help you get the money you deserve.

What Should You do After a Claim Denial?

You have the option of hiring an attorney or public adjuster to review your policy and denial notice. In some cases, people hire both. A public adjuster is crucial at the beginning of the claims process. For example, they can determine if you have a case and will file an appeal on your behalf.

An attorney should also be contacted when a claim has been denied. If the insurance company doesn’t budge and you believe they wrongfully denied your claim, you must take legal action to resolve the situation. An attorney, not a public adjuster, can represent you in court and during the litigation process. So, if it boils down to hiring one or the other, it is strongly recommended to hire an attorney if your claim has been denied.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Our job is to prove that the insurance company’s reason for denying your claim was invalid. Fortunately, a denied claim is not the end of the road. Your insurance policy allows you to appeal the insurance company’s claim denial. Our lawyers will work with you to gather documentation, photographs, and other necessary evidence to support your claim. Sometimes, appeals do not always go according to plan. If your appeal is denied, our team will begin the process to file a lawsuit. In many cases, the insurance company settles outside of court.

Contact Bernstein Polsky

You pay your insurance company a high annual fee to receive protection when you need it most. If they are acting in bad faith, hire the attorneys at BP Injury Law and let your insurer know you demand to be taken seriously. When you hire an attorney, oftentimes, they can get more than the face value of your policy. While this is no guarantee, understand that insurance companies generally take lawyers more seriously than public adjusters and policyholders who go after them on their own.

We handle a lot of injury claims in Boca Raton. If your claim was denied, don’t hesitate to contact Bernstein Polsky. Call 954-997-9947