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Not Every Accident Attorney Can Help With Your Case, But We Can!

Just imagine driving down the street and a semi-truck comes up and hits you. The injuries are life-threatening and you go to the hospital for emergency treatment. Your family and friends are worried about you with no way of finding out the right answers. Everything is ok and you make a full recovery, but you are stuck with the lingering pain, lost wages, and a mountain of medical bills. You contact the trucking firm’s insurance company and get the runaround. Out of frustration, you go with the first lawyer you see on TV who claims to specialize in these cases. The problem is they never return calls, are not interested in your case, and leave you unsure about what is happening. Sounds bad right?

Luckily you can avoid these challenges by learning the secrets of finding the best accident lawyer in Boca Raton. They’ll be able to represent you to ensure there is justice and get you the money you need. 

Not Every Accident Lawyer in Boca Raton is the Same

Most people assume that all accident lawyers can do the same job for those who are injured. They fail to realize that there is a lot more to finding the right attorney than they think. Locating one that protects your interest and fights for you requires knowing how they work. Several areas to focus on are their track record, personal attention, and what past clients say.

Track Record

Many accident lawyers promise you the world and say they will get you the most money. These lawyers spend massive amounts on TV, radio, and billboard advertising to increase their exposure to vulnerable victims. Their only intention is to sign you up and then go to the insurance company to seek a quick settlement. Their objectives are to make their fee and move on to the next client. You do not know who represents you, they are hard to reach, and you only find out something is happening after the fact. These lawyers do not have much of a track record for their clients and are not interested in finding justice. They will show you all of the large settlements, but not give you any further details about them. Avoid these attorneys at all costs and look at others who care. 

Personal Attention

Personal attention is the key to an attorney-client relationship and it shows their willingness to get you the money and justice you deserve.  The right lawyer contacts you frequently, gives you numbers to reach them and takes the time to talk with you. They care about the case and are interested in resolving it in favor of their clients. These lawyers go the extra mile and the personal attention demonstrates they know what is happening. They are interested in more than just a settlement and want to see that you receive justice. It means holding the insurance companies and other parties accountable for their actions (even if it takes longer to settle). 

Past Clients

Those attorneys who are willing to give you past clients have nothing to hide. They encourage you to talk with them to find out the resolution of their cases. These people are willing to discuss their experiences, answer all of your questions, and any concerns. They give you a better understanding of how the attorney works and the benefits they provide. These actions demonstrate that this attorney is open and transparent. They are interested in your case and will handle it to the best of their knowledge, experience, and abilities. These are the characteristics of someone who cares and is willing to do more for you. 

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Finding the right accident lawyer in Boca Raton is challenging, with many claiming to be the best. There are several factors to consider in locating the most suitable including their track record, personal attention, and what their past clients are saying. All of them play a role in selecting someone who cares, wants justice, and gets the proper amounts of compensation. With Bernstein | Polsky you can trust that you are getting a team of dedicated accident attorneys who want to help you get the justice you deserve! Give us a call today to get started!