Hurricane Michael Property Damage Claims

In Florida, natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms are common and can cause vast damage to your home and to personal possessions. Other nightmares for homeowners include floods, hidden plumbing leaks, pipe bursts, sinkholes, roof leaks, vandalism, theft, and flooring damage. A pipe burst for example, can cause serious water damage to a home’s floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets, furniture and personal articles. A hidden pipe leak in the walls or floors can cause extensive surrounding mold and water damage. Hurricanes and other windstorms will cause major roof damage and ensuing interior water damage. 

To make matters worse, insurance companies may deny your claim or not offer enough money to fully compensate you for your damages. Bernstein Polsky can fight back and obtain the coverage and payment you deserve. Insurance companies may conduct inadequate investigations, unreasonably delay handling your claim, wrongfully deny your claim, and undervalue your claim. These are examples of insurance bad faith. Other times, the insurance company may only offer to repair a portion of the cabinets, floor or roof when they are required by law to replace the entire matching area.

Whether you are a homeowner seeking help with an insurance claim, a public adjuster who needs legal assistance with a client’s claim, or a contractor or water remediation company fighting to get the proper payment, you need a qualified, experienced attorney. Bernstein Polsky knows your insurance policy and the law, and we can aggressively represent your interests to help maximize the greatest recovery in a prompt and just manner.